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My long absence from blogging had left people wondering if I have got very busy, No! The fact is you can always take out time for something you like.

As always the lazy procrastinator starts with the list of excuses, this time the smell of the soil and the beauty of the greens have caught my eyes and we started a little garden of our own, which grew up, the winds carried the fragrance and the beauty spread miles, inviting competitors from the neighborhood and home, my mother and my mother in law the great influencers have taken up the task and both of them have beautiful gardens at home, expressing their joy to the passer by’s and visitors. The procrastinator who initiated slowly stepped back and the poor mothers are left with watering and nurturing the plants.

Last year had been a wonderful blessing in our life, "lup-dup, lup-dup" the first sign of life, followed by countless days of waiting which ended with a little cry breaking our sunny noon with tears of joy, the most precious gift in the world. Both families were filled with joy announcing the new arrival to their near and dear ones. We entered parenthood and life has taken a new turn. Throughout the journey of bringing a little one to see this world I experienced kindness from people I knew and from people I did not know, this shows there are enough good people left in this world, the same world also had very few people who had been indifferent and used up the situation as an opportunity, anyways life is not worth talking about them.

I did like kids and enjoyed playing with them when they belonged to others, my little innocent one has proved having one at home could be even more joyful.

The first cry, the first look, the first smile, the cooing and the joyful playing all stay recorded ever green in my mind and thanks to the world of media they have filled up the space in the storage device as well.

The long peaceful nights are awakened with little noises, the Christmas carols have changed to lullabies. Toothless smiles are demanding more time and attention.

Here’s another excuse for staying away from blogging:).

Pacific Passions has hooked up enough for the long absence.

The New Year has begun with new hopes and new resolutions. I will be back soon with some interesting posts.


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